Traveling Coaching


If you can’t make it to a ski school, that doesn’t mean you can’t get great coaching. Setup a clinic at your site and bring the coaching to you. Although getting some coaching at a ski school is awesome, it can be quite expensive and time consuming to travel to a reputable training center. It can be very beneficial and cost-efficient to host a ski clinic at your site. The cost can be shared by you and your ski partners or other local skiers in your area. Additionally you have the opportunity to ski in the comfort of your own site. Many skiers setup a clinic or two each year and then also make one or two yearly trips to our ski school so that we can be involved in their long term skiing progress.

You don’t have to be on a private lake or be a competitive course skier. As long as you have interest in learning things to help you improve your skiing, a clinic with Seth Stisher is a great option.

To setup a clinic whether you are in the continental US or other parts of the world, contact Seth to find out the details. Also, to help ease the process of organizing a clinic, download a “Clinic Packet” which gives details on overall costs, sharing those costs among participants, scheduling, what to expect, and even help with promoting the clinic.



Fly In/Fly Out Waterski Clinics $1400/day plus travel (up to 16 sets not to exceed 8 hours)
Clinic Stops on the Road $1500/day (up to 16 sets not to exceed 8 hours) or $800/half day (8 sets not to exceed 4 hours)
Collegiate Clinics Call or email for rates based on situation
Junior Development Clinics Call for rates based on situation

• In most cases there is a two day minimum booking required, but don’t hesitate to ask since often I can schedule your clinic adjacent to another clinic in your area allowing you to share travel costs with another group of skiers. • Clinics require a 20% deposit to hold dates

Download Clinic Packet here.



I believe that most people possess what it takes to accomplish their goals, but without guidance and proper coaching they may find themselves with little to no progress year after year. I also believe that for skiers, or athletes in any sport for that matter, to progress they must understand the physics, and mechanics of the sport. Far too many people train by what I would call “The Rules” of skiing rather than the physics of skiing. “The Rules” don’t exist and can inhibit performances and progress.

On the other hand if you understand the physics of what you are trying to accomplish, you can then execute certain finite movements to accomplish your desired results. This is why I like to give skiers more than just your average “ski tips” but rather custom tailor my coaching to their needs and desires and include a firm understanding of the mechanics of the sport along with any coaching I do. Furthermore I like to do all of this in a setting that promotes a healthy relaxed attitude and contributes to the enjoyment of the sport.

What does all of that mean? Let’s have fun while we train and attain a better understanding of what we are doing for long term success!