Coaching Experience

Coaching Resume

  • Coaching since 1994
  • Coach and Manager of Trophy Lakes from 1995-1996 and 1998-2001
  • English Teacher, Fitness Instructor, and Head Basketball Coach at Newtown High School in Sydney, Australia
  • Co-Founder and owner of H2Osmosis Sports (now H2OProShop) since 2002 and owner/head instructor of Seth Stisher’s Water Ski Training Center located at Oz in Charleston, South Carolina
  • Guest Coach at Gordon Rathbun¹s Ski Paradise since 2000
  • Guest Coach at Waterski Costa Rica since 2009
  • Coached many top level athletes from all over the world including: the former Chilean National Slalom Record Holder, The Irish National Slalom Record Holder, The 2004 Junior Worlds Slalom Silver Medalist, various current pros and up and comers, and many top level Big Dawg competitors.
  • Coaches a few winter weeks at Lago Chacabuco in Santiago, Chile since 2007
  • WaterSki Magazine Fantasy Camp Coach, 2008
  • Regular Instructional Article Contributor to WaterSki Magazine since 2005
  • Instructional Articles in the WaterSkier since 2007
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Coaching Philosophy

I believe that most people posess what it takes to accomplish their goals, but without guidance and proper coaching they may find themselves with little to no progress year after year. I also believe that for skiers, or athletes in any sport for that matter, to progress they must understand the physics, and mechanics of the sport. Far too many people train by what I would call “The Rules” of skiing rather than the physics of skiing. “The Rules” don’t exist and can inhibit performances and progress.

On the other hand if you understand the physics of what you are trying to accomplish, you can then execute certain finite movements to accomplish your desired results. This is why rather than give skiers your average “ski tips,” I try to custom tailor my coaching to their needs and desires and include a firm understanding of the mechanics of the sport along with any coaching I do. Furthermore I like to do all of this in a setting that promotes a healthy relaxed attitude and contributes to the enjoyment of the sport. What does all of that mean? Let¹s have fun while we train and attain a better understanding of what we are doing for long term success!